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Stillhouse Black Bourbon 750 ml Blackwell's' Wines Spirits.
Stillhouse Moonshine is made from 100% Corn Whiskey 80 Proof. Its all natural, handcrafted, and copper pot distilled. Stillhouse is made from a proprietary recipe, and distilling it five times for superior flavor and purity. 100 percent stainless steel can Unbreakable and chills quickly 750 ml cans designed for celebrations beyond typical bar settings into outdoor environments from a backyard barbecue, a beach bonfire or a tailgate party, Stillhouse travels where glass can't' go.
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Follow @ uncrate. The rebirth of clear corn whiskey continues with Stillhouse Moonshine. Made from estate-grown corn in authentic copper stills by some of Virginia and Kentucky's' finest distilleries, this 100% clear corn whiskey is also charcoal-filtered for better quality and flavor.
Exclusive: G-Eazy Joins Stillhouse Whiskey As Partner And Creative Director.
As far as touring goes, well be able to set up a Stillhouse bar at the ampitheaters we play all summer, to have our VIP area backstage have a Stillhouse bar, just incorporating it in every way that makes sense.
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Stillhouse Original Corn Whiskey Moonshine. STILLHOUSE has elevated the classic American craft of making moonshine by using estate-grown corn and a proprietary recipe, then distilling it five times for superior quality and a remarkably smooth finish. STILLHOUSE Moonshine is made from 100% Corn Whiskey.
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BUY ONLINE: Pre-Order at ReserveBar Use promo code BLACKBOURBON upon checkout for free shipping. NOSE: Grain Alcohol Oak Coffee. TASTE: Ethanol Wood Rye Spice. FINISH: I wouldnt necessarily label it as hot overall, but it has a fair amount of heat for an 80 proof whiskey. Taken neat, it all falls a bit flat for me flavor wise, but I do finally get a little of the coffee taste in the finish as the wood and ethanol burn off. SHARE WITH: Maybe save this one for the cocktail enthusiasts in your life or an accident prone friend that requires an easy to carry, unbreakable whiskey container. WORTH THE PRICE: I ran across a Wall Street Journal article about Stillhouse titled Moonshine Goes High End From the back alley to the boardroom.
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