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Water Data For Texas.
How we get the numbers. Stillhouse Hollow Lake: 100.0% full as of 2019-01-17. Recent Historical Statistics. The elevation-storage rating curve used to produce the storage hydrograph is made of two segments: 1 the segment up to the conservation pool top below the red line is based on measured data, and 2 the segment in the flood pool above the red line is an extrapolation from the first segment and shouldn't' be relied upon for flood storage information.
Top Places to Camp on Belton Stillhouse Hollow Lake.
Highly recommended site if being close to the water and having a designated swimming area is a priority. 2 Dana Peak Park. Dana Peak Park is one of only two available camping grounds on Stillhouse Hollow Lake, and the park features all-new facilities thanks to the flooding that took place less than a decade ago.
StillHouse Hollow Lake Great family fun Killeen, Texas!
Some people duck hunt there sometimes. Stillhouse is closer to Killeen and easier to get to than Belton Lake. The lake is also not as crowded as Belton, making it a great lake for water sports. The best skiing is near the cliffs it blocks any wind, nice and deep great skiing!
Access to Stillhouse Hollow Reservoir.
Return to Stillhouse Hollow fishing page. BOATER ADVISORY: Zebra mussels have infested this reservoir! CLEAN, DRAIN AND DRY your boat, trailer, livewells/bait buckets, and other gear before traveling to another water body. Draining water is required by law and possession and transport of zebra mussels is illegal. The Army Corps of Engineers operates four parks on this lake.
Swimming at Stillhouse Hollow Lake. Dana Peak Park In addition to camping, Dana Peak Park provides a day-use area with 32 covered picnic tables with cookers for picnicking located in the beach area. There are restroom facilities, a swim beach and boatramp near this area.
Stillhouse Hollow Lake 2019 with Photos: Top 20 Places to Stay in Stillhouse Hollow Lake Vacation Rentals, Vacation Homes Airbnb Stillhouse Hollow Lake.
Bell County: Swimming in area lakes could be hazardous.
BELL COUNTY, Texas KWTX The Army Corps of Engineers is warning people to be extra careful when out at Bell County lakes this weekend. Park rangers advise lake-goers to be aware of their surroundings and to know their physical limits when swimming. Water levels at both Lake Belton and Stillhouse Hollow Lake are high and expected to rise more over the weekend.
Stillhouse Hollow Lake. Stillhouse Hollow Lake is a US Army Corps of Engineers maintained lake that contains some of the cleanest waters in the State of Texas. Stillhouse provides an excellent resource for activities such as fishing, camping, picnicking, hiking, hunting, camping and swimming.

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