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Stillhouse Clear Corn Whiskey 750ml Can.
Stillhouse Clear Corn Whiskey 750ml Can. You save 8.00. Write a Review. Calculated at Checkout. Decrease Quantity: Increase Quantity.: Add to Cart. Wishlist Add to Wishlist. Share This Article. Original MOONSHINE Clear Corn Whiskey is hand-crafted from 100% estate-grown corn and distilled four times in a Prohibition-era copper pot still in the same authentic tradition that moonshine has been made for hundreds of years.
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The innovative, one-of-a-kind stainless steel package chills quickly and stays cold for a long time so you can enjoy your Stillhouse whiskey as a shot, on the rocks or as a punch at your favorite social gathering. Take Stillhouse where glass cant go, or just enjoy it at home, or at a party with old, or new, friends.
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The rebirth of clear corn whiskey continues with Stillhouse Moonshine. Made from estate-grown corn in authentic copper stills by some of Virginia and Kentucky's' finest distilleries, this 100% clear corn whiskey is also charcoal-filtered for better quality and flavor. It comes in an array of flavors, including unique variants like mint chip and red hot, and while it may not pack the same punch as the illicit variety, with an ABV ranging from 34.5 to 40%, it's' nothing to scoff at, either.
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introduced Stillhouse, a 100% clear corn American whiskey a few years ago you can see their previous packaging below and has continued to expand the brand with additional flavored whiskeys. Stillhouse says their moonshine is crafted and finished in distilleries in Virginia and Kentucky made from estate-grown corn and is distilled in authentic copper whiskey stills, then charcoal-filtered for superior quality and taste.
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3 1 Review. Share on Twitter Share on Google Plus Share on Pinterest Share on Facebook. Stillhouse Original is made entirely from corn and filtered through charcoal. A classic example of American moonshine. More from Stillhouse. Customers Also Bought. Stillhouse Peach Tea Moonshine.
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It is either incredibly ballsy or impossibly stupid to package your new moonshine in the same type of stainless steel container that paint thinner comes in, but whatever the case Im giving Stillhouse Spirits which recently relocated to Columbia, Tennessee credit for taking a huge risk and doing something unique.
Stillhouse America's' finest whiskey.
FIND YOUR FLAVOR. ORIGINAL MOONSHINE WHISKEY. Stillhouse 100% clear corn whiskey is made from estate grown corn and is distilled to perfection in traditional copper whiskey stills. This charcoal-filtered 80 proof whiskey is remarkably mellow and finishes smooth. APPLE CRISP WHISKEY.

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