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5 Ways to Keep Your Fridge in a Top Notch Condition

Are you tired of cleaning and organizing your fridge? We have listed the best ways on how to keep your fridge in a top notch condition.

  1. Clean your fridge on a regular basis

In order to keep your fridge in a top notch condition, you should keep it clean so as to make it work properly and less effort is needed. If you clean it in every 6 months, you may notice that it may need more effort to keep everything cool. If you have a shelf full of expired products, then you may never be able to use it the best way as it is meant to. So, do the basic cleaning just once in a month to make your fridge work better and looks more inviting. If you are wanting to buy a rabais réfrigérateur, look no further.

  1. Organize your fridge with the help of the baskets

Make the most of the small baskets to organize various products on shelves and in doors to arrange things in your fridge. Apart from the organization, they also help in protecting to save the things from spill of food mess. So, rather than cleaning the whole shelf, you can just clean the basket. You can also keep nutritious snacks in basket to keep you on a healthy diet.

  1. Label all the food items

With the help of the labels on shelves, baskets, drawers and doors, you can arrange your fridge like a pro. Labeling on the basis of product category, meal type, manufacturing/expiry dates are some of the best organization ideas.

  1. Put things where they belong

You can optimize the shelf life of your fridge contents by keeping them where they should be. For instance, never keep milk in the fridge door as the temperature tends to fluctuate when you open the fridge often. Hence, keep it on the middle shelf.

  1. Keep a list of fridge contents on the door

This is one of the most genius ways to have a full view of what you have and don’t have in your fridge. Make the most of the space on your outer fridge door by keeping stock of what you have and what is needed. You can also use magnetic shopping lists, white board markets or painting the door with the blackboard paint.

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