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A Guide to Conservatory Design

If you are looking to add some living space to your home, there are quite a few options, and the conservatory is a firm favourite with UK homeowners, due to the amount of light that filters into the room. Typically, a modern conservatory would be made from UPVC frames with double glazed units and a bespoke roof, and regarding design, it very much depends on how much space you have.

Professional Conservatory Design

Whether you are looking for conservatory roof replacement in Ayrshire, or you are planning a new build, an online search will help you find a builder who is experienced at designing and building bespoke conservatories. The company would have many stock designs to choose from, and in the event you wanted something unique, they would be happy to create a one-off design that best meets your needs.

Working to Budget

Aside from the available space, the other aspect that determines the scope of the design is your budget, and once the supplier knows how much you want to spend, they can get to work and come up with a suitable design that is within your budget limitations.

Other Aspects to Consider

When designing a conservatory, the following aspects need to be addressed:

  • Percentage of Glazed Areas – How much of the conservatory will be covered by double glazed units.
  • Access Points – You will need access to the conservatory from outside, as well as access into the home, and with either sliding patio doors or bi-folding units, suitable access can be added.
  • Window Openings – The more openings you have, the nicer it will be in those hot summer months, and the sealed units that do not have openings would be fixed.

If you would like to explore the potential that a bespoke conservatory offers, talk to a local builder who specialises in designing and building bespoke conservatories.

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