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A Shower Remodel Enables A Quick and Easy Morning Routine

What is the point of having a bathtub we hardly get to use? When there were kids to wash, a tub made sense. However, as years have rolled by, they appear boxy and cumbersome. In general, Americans find showers more convenient. They feel it accommodates their busy lifestyle. Taking the time to draw bath is out of question.

If you are thinking about ways to open up your bathroom space, tub to shower conversion is the best alternative. Check out the options available at Bath Crest Home Solutions. Their technicians will purge your old tub and install a new shower base that matches your style and décor preferences.

Benefits of switching to showers:

  • Ease of access: One reason many are replacing bath tubs with showers is due to their aging factor. Physically moving in and out of tubs can be strenuous for those with mobility and balance issues. If you are living with an older family member, it is worth fixing a shower.
  • Safety: A shower with non-slip tiles greatly reduces the risk of falls. Seats and grab rails can be fitted additionally to your showers for extra convenience. You can choose between fixed and foldable seats.
  • Less maintenance: Bath tubs require more maintenance. Moisture would seep into the wall spaces and under the flooring due to water splashing resulting in expensive repair work. Though showers cause higher humidity, they are less likely to pose such problems. A dehumidifying system or bathroom shower can get rid of the excess moisture. Even though you clean tubs often, soap scum and mold accumulate on them which is less likely with showers.
  • Relaxing: With a handheld showerhead, the water can be directed at a particular area with aching muscles to soothe the pain. Not that tubs aren’t therapeutic, but there are shower options that are positioned in the walls just like tub jets.

  • Aesthetic appeal: Bathtubs occupy a large amount of space. A shower stall will make your bathroom appear more organized and bigger. Taking down the tub’s sloped walls frees up space. You’ll have more space to move around. A sliding door can be fixed to the shower stall to result in a polished look.
  • Customizable: You get a customized bathing experience since you get to choose where to place shelves and flush-mount soap dishes. For instance: A shaving stand is a cool option that avoids falls when shaving your legs.

Installing a shower apart from improving efficiency increases the home’s overall value. Renovating your bath tub is a wise investment.

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