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Amazing Benefits of Natural Stone Tiles

Natural stone tiles are one of the most luxurious and elegant flooring materials for building construction. This beautiful stone is quarried from the surface of the earth and possesses excellent properties in comparison to artificial stone products.

Some typical natural stone tiles often used for flooring are granite, marble, limestone, slate, travertine, and sandstone. The suitability of natural stones for a particular location or space is decided by understanding their features and characteristics. But if you are looking for top quality and the best range of natural stone products, you should find a reputable natural stone supplier like Pietra Stone Gallery in Melbourne. All their natural stone products are sourced from all around the world.

Properties of natural stone

The important properties of natural stones must be considered when choosing them for specific needs:

  • Grade
  • Rate of absorption
  • Co-efficient of friction
  • Rate of oxidation

Here are some excellent benefits of natural stone tiles:

  • Easy in maintenance

A natural stone floor offers hard-wearing, easy-to-clean and maintain, durable floor covering. The best part is that they won’t need a replacement any time soon. It has the toughness to withstand heavy weight, and wear and tear, so it is the perfect material for all types of flooring needs.

  • Natural beauty

You cannot deny that natural stone tiles look beautiful and classy. They have been used by people for a long time, as they add seamlessly not only elegance but also radiate stylish and good taste.

  • Keeps your space cool

Quality natural stone tiles bought from trustworthy suppliers like Pietra Stone Gallery can help to keep the climate cooler at your home or commercial building. This makes them, the most preferred material for warmer countries and properties which are exposed to excessive sunlight in the summer season.

  • Durable & sturdy

Natural stone tiles are super durable and sturdy material for flooring. They will not be susceptible to staining or breaking, so you don’t need to worry.

  • The best option for under-floor heating

If you are thinking of underfloor heating in your house, natural stone tiles are great for this kind of application, since they are good heat conductors. So, your floor or any surface will be practical and stylish as well.

  • Hygienic surface

Stone tiles do not have the tendency to store pet hairs, skin particles, or dust, providing an ideal surface to keep clean and shining always.

  • Unique pieces (in designs and colors)

Every natural stone tile is unique and they are never identical. Every stone tile has distinct coloring, veining, and natural characteristics, thus creating a timeless surface covering that you will not find in any other material. So, your spaces will look special and unique in their own attractive way.

Contact Pietra Stone Gallery, if you are looking for the best range of natural stone tiles and other quality products made from natural stone in Melbourne. As the most trusted natural stone supplier, they are highly committed to offering the latest quality solutions and assisting their clients to choose natural stone products which are right for their unique requirements.

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