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An In-house Answer for Hypochlorous Acid for Sale: It’s more cost effective than you may think!

Hypochlorous acid (HOCL), sometimes also referred to as electrolyzed water, is an effective ally in the fight against several human pathogens, including the one responsible for COVID-19 – SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus. While you might buy hypochlorous acid for sale on the open market, it’s often cheaper for organizations – both large and small – to produce it in-house. The alternatives – buying bottle after bottle, and cases upon cases of commercially available disinfectants – may be more costly than you think!

Costing it Out

While you may think buying over-the-counter, or off-the-shelf disinfectants are cheaper than investing to manufacture hypochlorous acid solution in-house, you may want to think again!  Over the short term, it might seem like the way to go. But, if you run an organization that has moderate to high need for antimicrobial handwash, and other disinfectant and cleansing solutions, then your mid to long-term costs of using such commercially available packaged products will run high – prohibitively so!

When you add up the cost of purchasing commercially available disinfectants and cleaning solutions, it can get costly to maintain a clean and healthy environment over the course of many months. 144 Oz bottles of some disinfectants cost anywhere between $10.99 and $12.59 each. And pre-packaged hand sanitizers, that cost a dollar a bottle pre-pandemic, now have sticker prices of between $4 and $5.

And, if you choose to use disinfectant and sanitizing wipes, instead, some of these can cost nearly $60 for 95 wipes, or $212 for a 4-pack carton of 900 6”x8” wipes.  Imagine the cost you’d entail if you calculated the procurement budget for a school, gym, health care facility or a food processing plant. An approach that does not use a hypochlorous acid solution cleansing protocol would be staggering!

Production Made Easy

A few years ago, the cost to acquire technologies, to manufacture HOCL in-house, were prohibitively expensive themselves. Add to that the fact that you required massive investment in infrastructure to install a HOCL producing machine in-house, and the commercial packaged solution worked out much better. But things have changed since then.

Today, the technology is markedly improved, which makes using commercial disinfectants, or buying hypochlorous acid for sale, less cost-effective than producing it in-house. And, in-house technology has also made it easy to own and operate your local HOCL production capability too.  That’s because you now have the capability to manufacture your own supply of electrolyzed water using three simple, common household ingredients:

  • Water
  • Salt
  • Electricity

With these three components, any business – small, medium, or large – can produce unlimited amounts of hypochlorous acid solution  in-house. HOCL is manufactured by applying electrolysis to a distilled salt solution. You don’t need any harsh chemicals, huge smoke-belching chimneys, or industrial-strength bunkers or foundation work. In fact, for example, if your business supports commercial HVAC equipment, you have retail laundry equipment in-house, or you use dental hygiene equipment on premises, it’s an easy assumption that you too can buy and install a hypochlorous acid generating machine without any risks or major prerequisites.  And that’s exactly what most business, across industries, are doing – they’re ramping-up their inhouse capabilities over previous reliance on off-the-shelf products.

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