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Automatic Swing Door Opener

An automatic swing door opener is a device installed in a building that opens the doors when someone approaches and closes them behind them when they enter. These kinds of door openers are meant to save wear and tear on both staff and visitors, eliminating manual labor as well as unnecessary waiting. Automatic swing door openers are also frequently used in warehouses, where they can keep a constant flow of products moving.

The automatic swing door opener is an electromechanical component that allows doors to swing open when it senses a person nearby and closes them when someone walks through the doorway. There are several models of automatic swing door openers, including ones that can be opened by hand or by foot. Some door openers work only for entering a building and others for exiting.

Providers of automatic swing door openers include a wide range of businesses from small manufacturers to large corporations. Some companies produce their own automated systems and sell them to customers, while others hire a company to install the equipment on site.

Many suppliers offer automatic swing door openers in a variety of sizes and styles, including:

Size: The size of an automatic swing door opener determines its suitability for different buildings. Sizes range from 2’x2′ to 10’x10′ or even larger. Several suppliers list the size of each door opener, giving this information as well as specifications. Some suppliers list the size of their automatic swing door openers as well, making it easier for customers to compare and make a selection.

Style: In addition to having different sizes, automatic swing door openers can have several different styles. Examples include:

* self-closing (aka self-locking): These openers require the owner to press a button to close the doors after they have been opened. It is important to note that self-closing door openers are not always free of charge with some installations. For example, some suppliers require homeowners to pay for the installation of their automatic swing door openers, while others may offer free installation because they are reusing existing hardware and have no additional costs.

* single-sided: These opening doors are designed for only one side of the door to open automatically. Examples include the side where access is less frequently needed and traffic volume is lower. Single-sided automatic swing door openers are generally suitable for all applications, but they may be more practical in smaller buildings and warehouses.

* double-sided: Double-sided automatic swing door openers can accommodate both people entering and exiting a building. When someone passes through the doorway, both sides of the door open. These door openers can be used on virtually any application, but they may be more practical for small or narrow buildings.

* commercial: In addition to standard automatic swing door openers, suppliers also provide commercial units for restaurants and other businesses with high traffic volume. These models are designed to last longer than standard appliances and to require less maintenance.

In addition to determining the style of an automatic swing door opener, customers should select the appropriate width depending on its location in a building and whether it will swing into or out of a building. Some doors openers have a wider range of movement than others. For example, some are only capable of opening 70 degrees, while others can swing 90 or 180 degrees. Some automatic swing door openers can be adjusted to open at different angles and swing at different speeds.

Door opening speed: Because an automatic swing door opener is able to automatically open doors, they are often installed within the most traffic-packed area of a building. It is important to note that some automatic swing door openers can be adjusted to open doors at different speeds. For example, an automatic swing door opener may open one door per minute, while another can only open two doors per minute.

* manual: Manual swing doors are typically slower and more precise in their movement than automated ones. These are ideal for applications where a precise opening and closing of the door is necessary. For example, a hotel lobby may have several automatic swing door openers installed to allow guests access throughout the night.


Although the application of automatic swing door openers is growing increasingly popular, there are still many challenges to overcome. For example, some suppliers use automated systems that are not always dependable, while others require specialized training for owners and installers. Some systems may not work in all weather conditions, and some models have been known to malfunction in extreme heat or cold.

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