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Bifold Garage Door Installation, An Amazing Option For A Beautiful Garage Door

Bifold garage door are an excellent option for those who want a stylish door that opens up more space. They also provide an alternative to traditional overhead garage doors, which are less versatile.

Choose from contemporary, carriage, or timeless designs with window panels and specialty glass options. Use Clopay’s interactive design tool to see what your new door will look like in your home.


When you work with Texas Overhead Doors, we can ensure your bi-fold door installation is durable enough for your commercial application. Our products are created with top-of-the-line materials to ensure your industrial or commercial door lasts for years to come. Our commercial doors are designed to fit your unique needs and requirements. They are built tough to stand up to the rigors of daily use and secure to keep your facility and people safe and integrated for easy operation.

We also offer Fabric-Shield storm panels and pull-down shutters to reinforce your garage door during the peak of hurricane season. These durable and impact-resistant doors are quick, easy, and affordable to install. Our interactive Texas Overhead Door Design Center makes creating a new garage door that matches your home or building’s style easy. You can even see what your new door will look like before purchasing. This is a great way to ensure you get the right product for your budget.


When a garage door makes up a significant portion of your home’s facade, you want it to make a statement. Adding a carriage house-style bifold garage door can do just that.

New York City is one of many major cities that have introduced public bike-sharing systems. This new mode of transportation allows commuters to save on gas, parking, and tickets while reducing traffic congestion.

North Star Imaging, a Rogers, MN manufacturer of industrial x-ray systems, needed a radiation-shielded bifold door for their greenhouse to prevent contamination during x-ray inspections of long metal component products to find tiny flaws in the welding or metal forming process. Schweiss designed and built five 19′ 5.63″ x 7′ 1.56″ strap lift bifold doors for the project.

The owners of this waterfront home along the California coast wanted to open their home up and have a full view of the ocean. They chose a top-drive bifold garage door designer door with black lift straps, photo eye sensors, an automatic latch system, and a door base safety edge.

Energy Efficiency

Regarding energy efficiency, the garage door you choose makes a big difference. Older entries tend to have thin designs and need more insulation, which can increase your energy bills throughout the year. Selecting an efficient door with a high R or U value can help keep your home comfortable while saving you money.

Commercial and industrial overhead doors are designed to meet various needs, from protecting products to maintaining safe work environments. They must be strong enough to withstand heavy use, secure for safety, and easy to operate, all while being energy efficient.

When you choose an Texas Overhead Door commercial or industrial door, you’ll get all these qualities and more. Their doors feature advanced design and precise, top-quality manufacturing, making them the perfect choice for your home or business. Look for the logo on their advertising, buildings, trucks, and uniforms to guarantee that you’re dealing with a genuine authorized distributor.

Low Maintenance

Commercial doors must be tough enough for the job, secure to keep your business safe, and integrated so that operating them is simple. Texas Overhead Door offers a complete line of industrial steel overhead door options that meet the highest standards for durability, energy efficiency, and visual access.

The driveline design of a Diamond bifold garage door helps the door open at a consistent speed that doesn’t strain the motor. This makes the door safer to operate and reduces maintenance costs. It also prevents tangles, never overlaps, and doesn’t buffet in windy weather.

Unlike lift strap doors, the bifold’s unique two-feet-per-second opening and closing speeds reduce the likelihood of damage. Additionally, the lift cables are easier to maintain than straps. They don’t tangle or need to be re-wrapped, and they have an initial stretch upon installation that doesn’t require regular re-tensioning. This dramatically reduces maintenance costs. One fire department reported service and maintenance costs on their old overhead sectional doors of over $7,000 per year, while four-fold EPD Doors did not have any maintenance costs.

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