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Energy Consumption Efficiency to Consider while Opting for New or Old Refrigerator

We all know that it is hard to let go off old habits. Similarly, it is little hard to let go your old fridge, thus people still prefer to buy old fridge models that is similar to the fridge they enjoyed in their childhood days. However, it is unwise decision as the new models are quite good for utility purpose in many ways. One of the major benefits is low energy consumption that helps in multiple ways.

Electricity consumption facts of old model refrigerators:

  • They are sure to consume more power at the least 10% compared to new refrigerators. Thus, your electricity bill will be costly.
  • It is not user friendly as many of them don’t have automatic defrost system. It needs to be done manually by switching off the fridge’s current supply for at least eight hours. Thus, there are chances of food items stored inside the fridge getting spoilt, and moreover, you need to clean the whole defrosted ice before switching on the fridge. Yes, really added work to do every fortnight.
  • Old people do say that the shelves were strong to hold many things however the storage units weren’t well spaced. Even the shelves weren’t much on the inner side of fridge door thus less storage space for food items.

However, every new refrigerator isn’t best energy savers. There are many factors to consider while buying the best energy saving fridge. If you are confused, it is best to browse through well acclaimed sellers website like

Here are facts that need to be viewed before you buy energy consumption fridge:

  • It will be best to buy double door fridge. They are designed to save energy as they are BEE (Bureau of energy efficiency) rated.

  • Know the stars. Five star rated fridges are efficient to save electricity cost better than the other models.
  • The five-star energy saving fridge may be expensive than old models of fridge however it saves you a lot of money by reducing your electricity bill for many years. Believe it, as it proves to be good investment.
  • You can try fridge having Energy Saver switch. It helps to switch off the heating coil that helps to prevent condensation. Eventually you have required control over anti-sweat heaters in the fridge. Thus, you save more energy.

You no longer have to go for old model fridge as your budget is low as there are reliable well guaranteed new designed fridge available at affordable rate. Thus, do buy new model refrigerators promising to save energy without any hesitation.

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