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Everything You Need to Know About Iron Fencing


So, you have researched all the options on the market and decided to have a metal fence installed on your property. It’s a good decision since metal fencing is usually stronger, more robust, requires less maintenance, and if done right can also look pretty good. You can now search for a “fencing company near me” and hire professionals to install your fence for you. However, if iron isn’t the choice of fencing material, you should reconsider. Here’s why:

The Details

  1. Iron fencing is strong and robust – There are all sorts of metal fencing materials in the market. There’s aluminum, that’s easy to work with, and wrought iron that is one of the strongest fence materials. However, if you go with nodular iron, it is the strongest material you can buy for your fence. Even if you don’t have the need for a strong fence, building one doesn’t hurt you.

It keeps kids and the dogs inside your property and intruders have a hard time cutting or breaking through it. Moreover, a strong and modular iron fence also protects your property from accidents. Iron fences are strong enough to prevent speeding cars from smashing into your property and hurting your family. Modular iron fencing is also highly customizable. You can make them more heavy-duty later with larger posts and pickets for extra strength and deterrence.

  1. High longevity – Iron is a tough material that will last you for a long time with proper care. If you do regular maintenance, your modular iron fence can last for as long as 6 decades or more. It has the potential to outlive you and serve your next generations or the next homeowner. Moreover, when you opt for nodular iron, it doesn’t come with the nightmare maintenance that regular iron needs.

Even if you live in a region with heavy rain, snow, and frequent temperature swings, your iron fence will last the test of time. Modular iron fencing also comes with a unique coating that protects it from the elements. It’s also very difficult to bend or dent and even scratches can be fixed up within no time. If you get your modular iron fencing from a reputed contractor, it will also come with a long warranty period.

  1. Wrought iron is phased out of protection – There’s a reason for recommending modular iron. It is the only good quality iron you can for iron fencing your property. Contrary to popular belief, wrought iron has been phased out of production on a commercial scale for a long time. So, even if you’re able to source some, it will come at a high price.

Steel has replaced wrought iron a long time ago since it is more competitive in every way. It is stronger than wrought iron, easier to make, and also more affordable. However, iron fencing made a comeback in the form of modular iron fencing and homeowners have been in love with it ever since. Despite its name, modular iron is nothing but galvanized steel that has zinc and aluminum in the alloy.

This creates strong steel called galvalume. It is so strong that sometimes it can outcompete regular galvanized steel at times. It also lasts longer than regular galvanized steel and provides immense protection against the elements. However, it is made to look like iron when used for modular iron fencing. That’s because most people like how a traditional iron fence looks.

  1. Amazing aesthetics – Unlike other types of fencing iron fencing certainly sits very high, if not at the top, in terms of aesthetics. It looks good enough to be called an “ornamental fence” even when it is functionally way ahead of the competing materials. Homeowners love it since it gives their property that old Victorian look without the maintenance and all the benefits.

As mentioned above, they are also very easy to customize. They come in all sorts of sizes, spear tops, scrollwork, and finishes. You can experiment with a few samples and make the perfect combination that suits you. It doesn’t need to have a boring black or grey color either. You can choose a custom finish to complement the overall aesthetics of your property.

  1. Easy maintenance – If you go for any other material, you’ll have to spend a lot of time and energy on maintenance. That doesn’t hold true for iron fencing. Unlike wood fencing, it doesn’t need to be refinished or stained once every few months. It isn’t easily susceptible to moisture damage either. You don’t have to worry about molding or mildew. Unlike vinyl fencing, the surface doesn’t get damaged from the harsh sun either.

Instead, you save tons of money since you don’t even have to touch it for years. Occasional scratches can be easily rubbed and coated to make them brand new. If there is significant damage, you can swap out that portion of the fence and replace it with identical components to preserve the look. Since modular iron is essentially steel that’s made to look like iron, you don’t have to worry about rusting or corrosion either.

  1. Affordable and easy to install – People have several misconceptions about iron fencing. While the price may be higher than wood fencing, the difference isn’t much. Moreover, you save money in the long run and earn all that extra cashback from not having to bother about maintenance.

Another misconception about iron fencing is that it’s heavy and difficult to install. However, modular iron fencing has solved that problem years ago. The components are made in the factory and can be easily transported and assembled on site. Moreover, they are designed so efficiently that you can even install them on uneven terrain.


Iron fence isn’t just strong and long-lasting, it also saves you money in the long run and can be aesthetically very pleasing. That’s why you should source the materials and start building one as soon as possible. Otherwise, you can search for “fencing company near me” and let the pros do their job.

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