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Gutter system: preventive cleaning and repair of gutters

In order for plastic-coated steel and PVC systems to serve reliably and for a long time, pipes and gutters must be cleaned from time to time of dirt and blockages. In the event of breakdowns, the situation can be corrected by replacing parts or by repairing gutters.

A securely installed system does not require serious maintenance and does not need to repair gutters. It is only necessary to inspect and clean pipes and gutters 1-2 times a year – in spring and autumn.

Autumn cleaning of gutter and drains

Autumn cleaning of gutter and drains is needed to free pipes and gutters from blockages from dirt and fallen leaves, which, when frozen in winter, can damage the drain. Pipes and gutters should be cleaned mechanically and with a water jet. When cleaning drains, the reliability of the connections of the system elements and the integrity of the drain are simultaneously checked.

Installing a special mesh on the gutters and protective spider gratings in the funnels will help to avoid clogging of drains. It is also important to cut the branches of trees hanging over the roof at a distance of at least 1 m from the house in time.

Spring cleaning of gutter and drains

In the spring, drains are also checked for breakdowns, since winter snowfalls and glaciers could damage some parts. It is possible to protect gutters from winter damage by timely cleaning the roof of excess snow, as well as by installing snow retainers on the roof and anti-icing systems on the roof, as well as in the gutter system.

When cleaning gutters, do not use metal tools with sharp edges and abrasive products, as they will damage the surface of the elements. They use rubber and plastic brushes, as well as traditional cleaning solutions, gentle cleaning.

If the drain is quickly and heavily soiled, the correct installation and slope of the gutters should be checked. It may be necessary to change the angle of the individual elements to avoid clogging. If you want your gutter system to always work properly, then in autumn and spring, be sure to contact for professional gutter cleaning service

What to do when a gutter system leaks

  • Drainage leaks usually form at junctions and junctions. They arise for various reasons, including only seasonal clogging of gutters and pipes, but also errors in the installation of elements – incorrect slope of the gutters, insufficient number of brackets, etc. It is impossible to exclude the possibility of errors made in the calculations of the cross section of drains.
  • Force majeure is also possible. Gutters are sometimes damaged by hail or ice from the roof. Or the drainage system may suffer from impact when installing an antenna or other equipment.

Gutter leaks over time can cause damage and breakage of individual gutters and pipes, and therefore they should be eliminated as soon as possible – preferably immediately after detection. If deformed elements are found, they must be replaced immediately. Detecting a drain leak is easy by closing a pipe or funnel and filling the drain with water.

Replacing part of the gutter system

The advantage of plastic coated steel gutters and PVC seal systems is that they are very easy to assemble and disassemble. If one component breaks down, only it can be replaced, and not the whole assembly, as is required in the case of adhesive systems.

When choosing a drain on seals, they often stop at their EPDM rubber gaskets, since the service life of conventional rubber seals is often on the order of 1-2 seasons. Plain rubber breaks down quickly due to temperature fluctuations. But EPDM seals are resistant to aging and do not harden at negative temperatures.

Good EPDM seals are wide products with a porous structure that reliably fill the joint. They do not lose flexibility and do not deform. During installation, they are not impregnated with glue, silicone or other means not provided for by the technology.

Regardless of which part of the drain is broken, a new one is chosen from the original components of a particular series. You need to understand that drains from different manufacturers have their own dimensions and special geometry. Deviations in the size of parts most often lead to leaks. It is almost impossible to achieve tightness of joints when connecting different systems.

Before replacing the drain section, you need to inspect the old brackets and check if they caused a breakage, whether they can withstand the updated drain. Professional cleaning of gutters

When Do You Need Gutter Repair?

The need for repair of drains may arise not only when drains flow or blockages form in pipes and gutters. Other signs that your gutters need repair may include:

  • rust on metal parts, which occurs due to accidental damage to the elements;
  • cracks in plastic gutters due to aging of parts and temperature fluctuations;
  • rattling of metal and plastic gutters due to loose fasteners.

In each case, when repairing gutters, you need to make your own decision, however, there are more or less universal principles for repairing gutters made of steel and PVC.

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