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How Long Does Landscaping and/or Hardscaping Take?

It depends on both the size and complexity of the job. Client preferences, property evaluations, design complexity, and budget are some of the factors that can affect the length of a hardscape or landscape project. This article will break down some factors that can affect the length of a landscape or softscape project.

Each project has two phases: the design phase, and the construction phase.

Design Phase

Step 1: Phone consultation

Our client sends us some photos of inspiration and a few lines to help us get a better idea of the project. The owner of our firm, Sina Kamran, will then have a productive discussion with you. Sina will take in all the details about your vision and objectives during the consultation. You and Sina will discuss the budget, timelines, design concepts, and other important details to get a full picture of the project.

Step 2: Budget Estimation

Design Scapes will provide a detailed, itemized budget for your project. Each project is different and will have a unique price. You will love your new outdoor area, but it also adds an average of 7.0% to the value of your home. Your estimate will be easy to read and comprehensive. We are proud of our commitment to transparency. Keep in mind the following factors when evaluating our estimate:

  • Installing your project in phases will reduce the cost of a large cost.
  • What’s important is that you complete the project according to your vision.
  • We build and design the right way, without cutting corners. The cost of labor depends on how much effort is required to achieve your vision.

Step 3: Property Assessment

We will conduct an in-depth property evaluation after the initial estimate is accepted. This includes taking into consideration any special architecture or natural features your property may have. We need to understand your vision for the property and the home because the next phase is the design phase.

Step 4: Design and Review

Designing involves exploring a variety of designs, patterns, and materials that are in line with your vision. A design concept is developed to get a sense of the direction we are going. After you have had some time to review it, we will move on to a revision phase that is based on your input. We take into consideration a number of factors when designing, including budget, material availability, obstacles to installation, and cohesion with existing structures. By keeping these factors in mind when designing your hardscape or landscape project, we can avoid delays and complete it on time. The project will then be rendered in 3D, giving you a realistic preview of how your property will look.

Step 5: Confirmation of the design and final quote

We will provide you with a quote once we have established the design that you like. We are proud of the accuracy of our quotes and do not undercut a bid in order to get the job. Our quotes are sincere and honest. We consider the existing conditions of your property, city codes and materials and designs previously agreed upon. We maintain our transparency throughout the entire project. We will always ask for your permission before making any changes to the original quote or plan.

The project will be scheduled after the design and quote are confirmed. The entire design process can take anywhere between one month and two months depending on how quickly decisions are made.

Installation Phase

Step 6: Schedule

We provide you with a timeline of the project before any work is done. This includes dates for material orders, delivery dates, and payment dates. You’ll never have to wonder about the progress of your project, or when payment is due.

Step 7: Material Waiting

We will do our best to minimize any inconvenience. We are sensitive to the fact we’re working in your home, and peace is very important. We schedule our work to coincide with material deliveries. There may also be initial steps if the design is very unique.

Step 8: Installation

Here is where the actual work begins. The designer and the team manager will work together during this phase to install your project, prioritizing and preventing mistakes before they occur. Estimate: For every $10,000 invested in the design, installation takes approximately five days.

Step 9: Project Cleanup & Small Details

We prioritize a clean work area during the installation, but we will also do a final cleaning to make sure your property looks its best. We clean up any construction debris and surplus materials to leave your property looking its best.

Step 10: Final Inspection

This step includes a walkthrough. We will go over all the work we have completed, any warranty information, and how to maintain your property in the future. If you require us, we are always available to make several follow-ups in order to guarantee our work.

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