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How Much Does It Cost to Change Commercial Locks?

It is important to change the locks of a commercial building in order to ensure the safety and security of your employees, assets, and business premises. Understanding the costs of changing commercial locks is important for budgeting. We’ll examine the factors that influence the cost to change commercial locks in this blog and give you a general idea about what you should expect to pay.

Factors Affecting Cost

  • Cost is heavily influenced by the type of lock that you select. Basic locks, like standard deadbolts or electronic access systems, are cheaper than high-security lock types. Some of the most common types are:
  • Mechanical locks: This includes standard deadbolts and lever handle locks. They are usually less expensive and simpler to install.
  • Electronic Locks: Electronic locks include biometric locks, keypad locks, and card access systems. These locks offer more advanced security but at a higher price.
  • High-Security locks: Brands such as Medeco or Mul-T-Lock provide high-security options that offer enhanced protection from drilling, picking, and other forms of tampering.
  1. Number Locks: Total cost is also dependent on the number of locks that are being replaced. The cost will increase if you have a large commercial property with multiple entrance points.
  2. Labor costs: Professional locksmiths are paid for their expertise and time. Labor costs vary depending on the complexity and experience of the locksmith. Additional charges may apply for emergency or after-hours service.
  3. Location: Prices may vary depending on where you are located. Locksmith services are more expensive in urban areas and regions with higher costs of living.
  4. Additional services: Services such as installing new hardware or locks in an access control system, or rekeying old locks can increase the cost.

Average Costs

  • Mechanical locks: The average cost to change a mechanical lock is $75 to $200, which includes labor. The cost of a high-security mechanical lock can be anywhere between $150 and $500.
  • Electronic Locks: Costs for electronic locks vary widely. Basic keypad locks cost between $150 to $300, while advanced systems such as card access locks or biometric locks range from $500 up to $2,000, including installation.
  • Labor Costs: In general, locksmiths charge $75 to $150 per hour. Total labor costs will vary depending on the number and complexity of locks. Some locksmiths charge a flat rate per lock that can range between $50 and $100.

Tips to Reduce Costs

  1. Get Multiple Quotes: Request multiple quotes to ensure that you are getting the best deal. Compare the prices and services of different locksmiths to determine which one is best for you.
  2. Consider Rekeying: If your existing locks are still in good shape, this can be an affordable solution. This involves changing the pins inside the lock to make it work with a new lock, but without having to replace the lock.
  3. Plan Ahead: Avoid expensive emergency and after-hours services. If possible, schedule the lock replacement during normal business hours.
  4. Bulk Discounts: Ask about discounts for large orders. Many locksmiths will offer discounted rates for large projects.


Costs for changing locks in commercial buildings can vary greatly depending on factors such as the type of lock, the number, the labor charge, and any additional services needed. You can expect to spend between $75 and $2000 per lock depending on your specific situation. You can keep your commercial property secure by shopping around and comparing prices. Prioritizing security measures such as lock changes is a great investment for the safety and integrity your business.

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