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How to Use Excess Solar Energy

One of the most important sources of renewable energy is solar energy. Federal tax cuts and incentives encourage Americans to install solar panel arrays. It is important to determine the power consumption of your home or building before installing PV modules. Underestimating or decreasing your energy consumption when installing PVs can lead to excess solar energy.

The sun provides clean energy through solar panels. Although the technology is still in its infancy, it is becoming more affordable for most people and businesses. The potential for solar energy to reduce energy costs has been demonstrated. Here are some tips to help you make the most of your surplus solar power.

Excessive Solar Power

Solar radiation is highest when the sun shines brightly, which means your photovoltaic (PV) system can produce more energy than you can use. You have many options to take advantage of this situation.

Inject Excess Solar Energy into the Grid

The best way to manage excess solar electricity generated by your home or business is to connect it to the grid. The grid-connected inverter converts DC electricity generated by the sun to AC electricity, which can be used in your home or business.

If the solar panel connected to the grid produces more electricity than it consumes, it feeds the excess into the grid. Depending on which electricity company you use, the electricity you supply to the grid is metered to give you credit. This is known as net metering.

Storing Excess Photovoltaic Energy

The adoption of solar panels has increased dramatically across the country. People who do not have the option of connecting to the grid can use solar energy to store excess solar energy. When you are still connected to the grid, you can also use batteries. Solar batteries can be used to store energy for later use.

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