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In-house Produced Electrolyzed Water Cleaner: The cost-effective alternate to commercial disinfectants

With an increased focus on frequent disinfection and sanitization, businesses everywhere must now spend more time and money on implementing better cleansing protocols. A small-sized commercial operation, such as a single-physician-owned dentist’s office, family-run diner, or a 30 to 60-seating capacity restaurant, may not be able to afford the increases disinfecting costs using commercially-available disinfectant products. Self-generated electrolyzed water cleaner may be just what saves the day!

Understanding HOCI 

Electrolyzed water, also known as Hypochlorous Acid (HOCI), is a powerful disinfectant that’s ideal for multiple uses. Ideally, disinfectants shouldn’t just be good at neutralizing germs, viruses, and bacteria. They must possess additional qualities to be the product of choice for most businesses. They must be:

  • Nontoxic
  • Noncorrosive
  • Easy to access and produce
  • Inexpensive

Fortunately, HOCI disinfectant ticks all these boxes – and more!

HOCI isn’t a “new” discovery. Our bodies produce it naturally, and use it to fight viruses and bacteria to keep us healthy and fit. Today’s technology gives small businesses the ability to produce unlimited quantities of HOCI solution, at varying concentrations – up to 200 ppm – inhouse.

By just using simple ingredients – kosher salt, tap water, and electricity, businesses can generate a powerful disinfectant that’s more effective than many commercially-sold bleach-based disinfecting products. And, your in-house HOCL machines do more. By substituting kosher salt with food grade potassium carbonate, your electrolyzed water cleaner turns into a powerful degreaser and cleaning agent.

Cost Benefit Analysis

The cost of acquiring in-house HOCL producing capacity isn’t as high as one might think. In fact, if you do a cost benefit assessment of today’s HOCL machines, most small businesses can receive a payback for their investment in a short span of time.

Let’s assume a small business uses approximately 40-wipes a day (which is a cautious estimate!). Let’s allow 5% additional usage for extraordinary uses on some days. The total cost of using commercially-available disinfectant wet wipes, as part of a disinfecting and cleaning protocol, is around $87 per month. So, how does that cost stack-up with building in-house HOCI disinfectant capacity?

A small business owner may purchase an HOCI machine for under $150. These devices, no larger than a coffee maker, conveniently sit on a counter or somewhere discrete and, depending on the concentration (ppm) of HOCI solution produced, they can generate a liter of HOCI of 40-ppm to 200-ppm in between 3 to 16 minutes. Assuming that you just need a single machine to cater to all your electrolyzed water cleaner needs, you’ll receive a payback for your investment in under two months – in 1-month and 22-days, to be exact ($150 divided by $87 = 1.73 or 1-month and .73 of a month = 22-days)!

Upscaling Your Benefit

Small businesses can purchase multiple  HOCI disinfectant making machines, and still recoup their investment over a couple of months. For larger businesses, such as hotels, hospitals, cruise liners, and multi-branch businesses – health clubs, food retailers, senior care facilities – there are bigger opportunities for a healthy return on investment (ROI). Investing in large-capacity HOCI making machines, that produce even larger quantities of electrolyzed water cleaner in lesser time,  can deliver significant cost-savings over continuously buying commercially-available disinfectant products.

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