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Mosquitoes Cause More Deaths the World Over

Swarms of mosquitoes are not only irritating but carry potential health threats; having a mosquito-free environment in the backyard and home is surprisingly pleasant. There are over 2,500 species of mosquitoes found the world over, and their breeding ground is in stagnant water. They can bite both in the daytime and night and breed in closed spaces to avoid cold weather. Personal protection, like using repellents, is insufficient as mosquitoes are a vector of malaria endemic in many countries. Proper mosquito control deployed by professional pest control in Beaumont Texasgives sufficient long-term efficacy.

2 to 3 million people die 

Mosquitoes cause more deaths the world over than all wars fought on this earth. Two to three million people die due to malaria, and two hundred million are infected by this disease. US citizens are not immune to malaria, and there are occasions of locally transmitted malaria in the US. But in recent times, encephalitis is more than malaria transmitted by mosquitoes. Meningitis, encephalitis, and another vector disease can be caused by mosquitoes. Mosquitoes are classified under insects called Diptera, meaning two wings that differentiate flies from other insects. Another characteristic of mosquitoes is the proboscis extended tabular mouthpart used to suck liquid.

Mosquitoes can fly 20 miles

Female mosquitoes have more life spans than males surviving for weeks or months, while the latter exists for one week. The breeding ground of mosquitoes is vessels or land filled with water. The eggs hatch into larvae just below the water surface. They breathe through tails attached to the tail end of the body and feed on organic substances. The larvae need organic substances like leaves or litter in the water to feed on. Within a week, larvae grow into pupae, and within three weeks, they transform into adult mosquitoes. Female mosquitoes have a preference for whose blood they consume; each species have its own likes. Mosquitoes can fly twenty miles from the breeding ground at four miles per hour.

Safeguard against vector-borne diseases

Proper mosquito control can safeguard against vector-borne diseases mosquitoes. The pest control systems deployed by pest control Lumberton tx, eliminate and prevent mosquitoes from your premises. Different mythologies are used, including spray, fogging traps, and misting. A mosquito fogger system is effective and economical; sometimes, they use mosquito traps, not harming non-toxic insects like honey bees. Bees are essential for pollination to make your garden vivid with blooming flowers. Professional mosquito control is more efficacy than repellents as it remains operative for a few days. At the same time, mosquito trapping or misting is more effective as it consistently entraps and eliminates mosquitoes.

You can observe the effect

Effective mosquito control systems reduce the risk of vector diseases transmitted by mosquitoes. An effectual pest control system disrupts the reproduction cycle of mosquitoes as the number of insects is reduced dramatically the reproduction system is upset. The mosquito control system becomes functional immediately, and you can observe the effect within a few days. If you are agitated by mosquitoes day and night, contact a pest control company for an effective mosquito control system, as it offers multiple benefits making it a worthwhile preventive and eliminating system.

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