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Prevent Accidents in Your Home with Some Simple Improvements

A surprising accident statistic is that 78% of fatal accidents happen inside the home. People die from falls, slips, and more in what they thought was a safe place. Homeowners who don’t want to be another victim should seriously change their households. Here is a quick look at some improvements that will ensure you are safe in your home.

A safer bathroom

Your bathroom is one of the most dangerous areas in the house. It is a combination of its privacy and the presence of water. The moist environment can mean that it is easy to slip and hit your head on something. And since bathrooms are private, help might not find you in time. Hence, the focus of your changes should be to minimise slips and falls. For example, baths with doors are a good option since they let you to walk out of a tub without needing to balance on one foot. Simply open the door after draining the bath and you can walk out normally. Additional things that you can install to prevent accidents are grab bars and anti-slip tiles.

Overhaul the kitchen

Another place where many accidents happen is in the kitchen. Minimise the chances for something to go wrong in that setting. The frequent accidents in kitchens are painful burns from mishandling the oven or gas range. Consider using a much safer induction stove. Instead of gas and an open flame, the stove heats up using electricity, making it easier to control and safer.

Another common accident in the kitchen involves knives and other sharp implements. A single slip and you end up bleeding from a wound. Keeping sharp utensils in a child-proof location is one way to ensure the safety of others. You may consider getting proper lighting so you can clearly see what you’re cutting. Using knife-proof gloves can also help.

Avoid slips and falls

Slips and falls can happen all over the house. Even a flat surface can be slippery enough to cause you to fall to the ground. Choosing the right flooring can be a big help in securing your safety from slips. If your house has a second floor, you should consider rails on the stairs so that going up and down is easier. If you have children, a gate at the top of the stairs can help prevent any tragic accident from happening.

Have secure storage

Children can be victims of accidents, and you have to protect them. Have secure storage for the many dangerous substances and items in the house. This can be anything from chemicals to choking hazards. Keep it locked so that children won’t accidentally ingest any poison or hurt themselves with heavy equipment.

A safer home is an admirable goal. Investing in the upgrades suggested will ensure a lower chance of accidents. Once fully installed, all these improvements can set your mind at ease about accidents happening. They might be a bit expensive, but the price is worth it to avoid injury or death.


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