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The Popular Interior Design Trends of 2021

The Coronavirus pandemic has resulted in many people having to work from home. While there are certainly benefits to having a home office, one disadvantage is that you may not be able to relax at the end of a workday. Reading a few emails or working on a presentation after hours may seem conscientious, not being able to switch off can lead to stress, which untreated may escalate into anxiety or even depression.

Self-care is more important than ever right now and that’s why we are sharing some popular design trends with you to spruce up the current rooms within your home or turn one of them into a multifunctional space.

Locked Down, Not Locked Up

Citizens of the world have been locked down in the hope of flattening the pandemic’s curve. While it is frustrating, it affords you opportunities for creativity and renewal. The positive side of things is that lockdowns won’t last forever; for many, it is a time to reconnect with your loved ones, in a safe space. Why not start a family project like shopping for garden sheds or log cabins online and decorate them in a way that speaks to hope for the future in this new normal.

Types of Log Cabins

There are log cabins available in almost every shape and size imaginable. If the standard ones available don’t suit your purpose, there are contractors in the UK that can assist with custom designs. What’s important is to know what the space is going to be used for, and then plan the interior furnishings and decor.

Colour Trends

There are many colour and interior design trends for 2021. Psychology suggests that colours can affect your mood. Yellow, black and dark greys are colours that are trending this year. Using the dark colours as a base with a  splash of yellow inside your log cabin will no doubt lift your mood.

You can also incorporate this colour by planting some corydalis or fennel in a pot at the door. These plants will attract birds and butterflies to your garden. You can also use the fennel leaves to add some flavour to a well-deserved G&T.

Minimalistic, yet Multifunctional

Maximalism is set to make a comeback in 2021, but bear in mind that a small space can look untidy quickly if there are too many mixed styles in one room or an abundance of knick-knacks cluttering the area. It is advisable to opt for items that are multifunctional, such as a small table, or counter which can double as a work- and serving space.

You could turn your log cabin into a cosy escape space with a small lounge, kitchenette, bathroom, and sleeping quarters where you can escape to read a book or watch a series. If you have guests staying over, they can stay in your log cabin. This allows both your family and your guests privacy and minimises disruption within the main house. You could even rent your log cabin out as an Airbnb.

These are merely a few tips to get your creative juices flowing – whatever you and your family decide to do with your log cabin project, we hope it brings you joy.

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