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What are the commonly asked questions on asbestos in buildings?


How would asbestos affect your health?

Every building will have several materials that make it stand stronger. However, there is a substance called asbestos that will be harmful to human beings when inhaled. Several materials that contain asbestos will be used as building materials in almost all constructions. If your home is built before 1990, there are more possibilities for the presence of asbestos in it. Asbestos has the property of releasing fibers into the air when the element is disturbed. Only when these fibers are released into the air, the element will become harmful. When you inhale this air, these fibers will enter your body and settle down in your respiratory system. The primary organ to get affected is your lungs and you may get lung-related diseases over time. Lung cancer is common among people who have exposed themselves to these asbestos fibers either by their presence in a renovation property or by their relationship with a person who has exposed himself to this. There are several other side effects and diseases that are possible to the human body due to this asbestos presence. Some of these health effects are as follows,

  • Mesothelioma
  • Asbestosis
  • Immune system defects
  • Breathing problems
  • Chest pain

How could you know the presence of asbestos in your building?

As said earlier, there will be some amounts of asbestos present in your home or any other building by default. Hence, if you wish to stay away from the health issues caused by the element, you need to make sure the levels of asbestos present in it. To do so, you would have to survey the presence of asbestos. You can easily find an asbestos survey London company who would take care of the assessment processes and provide you the results regarding asbestos levels. With these reports, you could conclude the levels of risks associated with any modification process on the building. So, you can try to stay away from several issues that arise due to the presence of asbestos. There are several types of asbestos surveys that you can choose based on your requirements. Some assessments will only let you know the amount of asbestos in the building, while some will conduct sample tests and describe the risks you are facing with these elements. So, you can select the surveyor based on the need for assessments.

What should you do to choose an asbestos consultant?

There will be hundreds of companies claiming themselves as leaders in asbestos surveying and consultancy. However, you should not fall for their proposals and advertisements as you are dealing with health-affecting materials in your home. So, you should look for some factors in these companies and select the right one. It is better to find companies that are in the business for a long. So, they will have enough experience to locate asbestos and predict the risks associated. They should have the necessary equipment and safety essentials while conducting the processes.

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