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What Is The Role Of Fire And Water Restoration Services?

If you live in an area prone to water or fire damage, hiring a water and fire restoration Denver is a good idea. While small damages can be fixed on your own, you should hire a professional company if the damage is significant. Water and fire damage can cause serious structural damage to your home, and if you are unsure about the extent of the damage, a professional company will be more than happy to guide you through the process.

Water damage restoration

It is vital that you call a water damage restoration service right away if you experience a flood. If you are in a flooded home, a water damage restoration company can remove standing water quickly and monitor the drying process. A water damage restoration service will provide you with a variety of services that include inspection, drying, and cleaning. This will help you decide which type of restoration service is right for your needs. If you have severe water damage, call a company that offers 24-hour emergency service.


The cost of fire and water restoration services varies depending on the severity of the damage. Fire damage caused by a burst pipe may cost as little as $150 while more severe flooding may cost as much as $20,000. The average hourly rate is $40 to $130, and some companies even charge for safety equipment rentals, which can add another $200 or more to the bill. The cost of water damage restoration services also depends on the size of the area affected.

Finding a reliable company

When you hire a restoration company, you need to look for specific experience, as some properties are damaged by water and smoke, or by both. The company should have adequate knowledge of such conditions to ensure the best possible outcome. They should also know what to look for when assessing the scope of damage. Even seemingly small details, such as the type of materials used to build the structure, can influence the company’s evaluation. Also, different materials require different timetables and treatment.

Environmental responsibility

Remediation is the process of restoring the site to its original state after a loss. It also refers to activities that reduce risks while protecting and preserving property. Mitigation can be done in many ways, from creating wetlands to restoring damaged structures. For example, sinks are commonly found in restrooms, where people wash their hands and dispose of human waste. These are some of the most heavily used areas in a building and can become highly contaminated.

Finding a company that offers 24/7 availability

A quick response time is essential to the recovery process of fire and water damage. A water restoration company that offers round-the-clock availability will be able to respond to your emergency quickly and begin the cleanup process as soon as possible. The company should be able to communicate with your insurance company and be available 24 hours a day. Some companies even have storage facilities to help you keep your property clean during the restoration process.

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