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What should I consider when hiring a co-worker for a domestic helper?

Okay, so you have changed your lifestyle due to an increase in household income and feel like you need to hire a second house help to cover the additional work, right? Well, that is not an entirely bad idea. In fact, you should do exactly that to avoid overworking your current domestic worker. Overworking your domestic worker is cruel and can lead to premature termination of contract on their side, especially if there isn’t a proportional increase in salary. Increasing workload without adding a second domestic worker can easily lead to poor performance, which can ruin your entire experience at home. In this article, I will talk about adding a second 印傭 in your household.

Common reasons why people add a second domestic worker

There are several reasons why it would make more sense to add a domestic worker in your household. For starters, a second house help may be necessary if there is an increase in workload. Workload can increase if your lifestyle changes. For instance, you used to work several kilometers from home, which always meant that you were always working, but now you got transferred closer to home and your family has joined you for a one-month holiday. In a case like that, it would make more sense to hire a second domestic worker to serve the increase in workload.

Secondly, you may need to add a second domestic worker if there is an introduction of a new family member. This may happen if you decide to live with your old parent to take care of them. Also, you may have been a single couple when you got your domestic worker, but now you have a child and your needs in terms of work are now greater.

You should consider finances before you get a second domestic worker

Getting a second domestic worker is an important decision that should be taken serious. You should consult your spouse or other people adults you live with before making the decision. Since this is a financial expenditure, should consider factors such as the accompanying financial requirement. When you add a second domestic worker, you are simply doubling your monthly expenditure in that regard and that will require serious financial consideration on your part.

The second hire should be justified

Secondly, you should have a good justification for the second hire. You should ask yourself if it is actually necessary to hire the second domestic worker, especially in a full-time capacity. Is it possible that you could just give your current domestic worker a raise and get them to cover the additional work? If that can save you some money, then you should go for it. secondly, is it possible that you could do some of the work so that you don’t have to employ a second domestic worker? Lastly, do you need a full-time domestic worker or getting one on a part-time contract can just work as fine?

Lastly, you will need to consider if you have enough accommodation in your home to accommodate the extra worker you are introducing into your household.

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