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What to Expect from a Professional Pest Inspection? 

A comprehensive pest control prevention is the best step you can take to regain control of your home from rodents, pests, and other nuisances. When you see one cockroach or a rodent, there may be a lot of them in your home. You remedy the situation, you should get a professional pest inspection that Austin pest experts offer. Through an inspection, pest control experts know what kind of pests to deal with in your home, the extent of the damage, and the right treatment to eliminate an infestation. Before you make that important call, you should what to expect from a pest control inspection:

Outdoor Inspection

Often, pests enter your house to look for warmth, food, and security. To keep them out, there should be no openings for pests to get into your house. A pest inspector will check the outside part of your home for nests, rotting, and entryways. Also, they will look for wood damage, decay, dry rot, and leakage. 

Internal Checks

When inspectors check your indoors, they will look for droppings, tunneling, chew marks, fungus, and mold. They will search for anything that indicates the presence of unwanted guests inside your house. If your house has a basement, they will begin the inspection there. They will make sure the wood in your foundation has been compromised by pests. Also, leaking sinks and pipes can become a hot pot for various kinds of pests.


A pest inspection is meant to solve your pest issues at home. Once it is completed, the inspector will provide you with an inspection report. The report includes what the inspectors did, the kind of pests that are living in your home, the severity of the damage they have caused, and what the inspectors believed is wrong. Then, the pest control expert will provide you with an idea of the treatment options to get rid of those pests. 


The lower you allow pests to stay in your house, the more damage they can cause. Pest control professionals are dedicated to helping you solve your issues through expert practices. Once they give you the report, they will start doing what they should do to keep your home free of unwanted guests. Often, pest inspectors are provided by pest control companies for free, so you don’t have anything to lose. If you believe your home has been invaded by pests, you should contact a pest control service provider to deal with the issue for you. 

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