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Why Are Safe Rooms Necessary?

When there are tornadoes, the damage that can be done can not be imagined. Tornadoes destroy the entire neighborhood in the blink of an eye. When there is a disaster, the families will be helpless as they don’t have any contingency plans or a safe place where they can stay and recover from the loss.

There are two main basic types of safe homes that serve this purpose which are underground and above ground safe rooms and both these two types of safe houses are proved to be effective.

Features of above-ground safe rooms

There are many benefits and features when coming to safe rooms. There are people who believe that safe rooms that are underground can only be helpful. But in reality, the safe rooms that are placed above the ground are also good and serve the purpose.

Some of the key features of above the ground present safe rooms include

  • They are customizable that is they can be developed according to the size and the number of people that are going to stay there.
  • The construction will be quick and installation will be cost-effective.
  • This can protect people against burglary.
  • As the name suggests these safe rooms can save the family members from natural disasters.
  • The units in the above ground safe rooms can be installed by a professional with ease.

Cost of Tornado shelters

Usually, the homes in which people live are built to accommodate the person and their family in normal conditions. Those homes will not be suitable to protect people from high-velocity winds and natural disasters.

In order to save families from tornadoes, there is a need to construct safe rooms and tornado shelters. The average cost of a safe room can be several thousand dollars.

Usually, the underground shelter cost will be from $3500 to $30000 and above ground safe rooms cost will be between $6600  and $8700.

When to opt for above-the-ground safe rooms?

As already discussed above the ground safe rooms are pre-built steel rooms and there are a few conditions why people have to select these over underground ones. Some of them include

  • If the area in which they are living is flood-prone.
  • If the basic homes in which they are living do not have a basement
  • The people staying in that house have less mobility.
  • When the space available is limited and there are high water tables, the underground method will not be suitable.

Maintenance of the safe rooms:

Like how people maintain their homes, it is mandatory to maintain safe rooms regularly as well. Maintaining safe rooms includes small tasks like

  • Always stock them with necessary food, water, and medical supplies from time to time.
  • Always keep the space clean and dry as if they are going to have to use that tomorrow.
  • Make sure that the door of the shelter is strong and in good condition.


There are a few misconceptions about safe rooms that should not be trusted. It is not true that underground shelters are safer. For choosing the correct type of safe room all the factors should be taken into account before making a decision.

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